Birthday's in India vs. the US

Birthday's in India vs. the US

Having grown up in India, my favorite memories of childhood includes birthday parties of course - my own, my siblings and the ones I attended.

Needless to say Birthday’s are an event wherever you may be. How they are celebrated could be different based on multiple factors.

So how are they different from here in India vs. the US? Similar yes, but a couple of things always stood out to me. 

1. Food
2. Return Gifts/Favours
3. Location


I DO NOT recall any birthday I’ve attended in the US that didn’t have more than cake and pizza! Yes - it was always cake and pizza! Something I always thought of doing for my kids birthday when back there as its so hassle free but never got myself to do it. Here it was always a million things from sandwiches, chips, noodles, channa kulcha, chaat, dhokla, separate menu for kids vs. adults and the tradition continues.

Return Gifts/Favours

In the US, something little to take away for every kid, in little goodie bags where they may be fidget toys, some candy, a little stationery and some stickers perhaps. Get on to Amazon and boom, you’ll get sets of party favours based on any theme that you can think of. Here on the other hand one tends to spend months planning, budgeting the return gift costs amongst many others. End results, kids are happy either ways! 


This has certainly evolved here in India, from parties in the garden or home to a million options of play areas and fun activities to do. The only aspect that lacks here are outdoor locations to host a party, good public parks with picnic tables perhaps? Maybe there are options and I just don’t know them? Do comment and send some suggestions!

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