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From an IT Geek to Mom to Entrepreneur. The IT Geek and Mom play a HUGE role in what I do today, no escaping that. Read my story below!

P.S - This is me Tanya, before I had my babies. After the babies my camera roll has NO pic with me in it alone. Some moms can relate?  

My Story

After being in the Tech Industry for 20+ years and now a mom to Nyla (6) and Amaya (3), it was to do something fun! 


Its not been an easy gig to raise two kids in the US including a covid baby, a husband, have a full time job, run a household & have no family support. Fast forward and we took the bold move to come back to our roots. After a long time I feel like I’m “really” home. The feeling led me to reevaluate what I want to do at 45. The feeling has led to “Amyla Favors” = something I managed to take out time to do for my kids in all the chaos while in the US. It brought me joy, it brought them joy. It’s time to share that happiness with you.  

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